Blizzard, I love you but...

… we need to talk.

It’s about World of Warcraft. Here’s where I think you went wrong with Warlords of Draenor, but before I do, let me make one thing very clear.

The questing experience, getting from 90-100 was truly epic.

Those cutscenes. Them feels. They made me care about characters I didn’t know. And it was just all-round an awesome experience.

In fact, the only few criticisms I have to say on the 90-100 journey was, as a character with Herbalism, unlocking the mine in my garrison before my herb patch. It would have been nice for gathering professions to get their building before anything else.

I also can’t help but feel yet again skinning drew the short-end of the stick. How about another gathering building similar to the herb garden and mine but has animals spawning every day?

But then we get to end-game -- level 100 -- and it stopped.

A grind is a grind is a grind is a grind

The legendary quest line whilst incredibly accessible is a grind regardless of how you look at it. Getting 125 stones simply took too long. I get that it’s a mechanism to keep players, y’know, playing but repeatedly running the same content no longer makes sense.

My game time is now limited. I no longer have the luxury of 4+ hours a day every day. I’ll be lucky if I can get 1-2 a day, and recently, even able to logon any day at all.

I’ll be damned if I’m going to start hours of multiple LFR wings defeating bosses I’ve already killed 5+ times for an arbitrary amount of items, and then do it all over again for the next tier of content.

I stopped collecting them at around the 30 mark and haven’t looked back since.

Back in my day...

Re-running content stems back from the old days of video gaming when space was limited on mediums, every sprite had to be optimised and every level element was re-used in multiple levels.

That should no longer apply to todays games.

Nowadays, it's a lazy, unimaginative way to keep players playing.

As for flying… I didn’t miss it. I’m not going to get flying on Draenor. I’m not going to grind three reputations to exalted. I’ve simply got better things to do with my time.

The end game

Let’s also talk about what little there was to do at end-game.

After such an epic questing experience end-game was pretty lacklustre. What didn’t help was the total lack of new end-game content in patch 6.1. No new dungeons, lack of scenarios (which I rather enjoyed, from a lore/story perspective) no new raid tier, just… keep on grinding them stones.

Sure you could pet battle, but really? That’s more suited to a mobile game (hint hint) that I could play to and from work, not sat at home when I could be raiding/profession’ing/garrison’ing.

In short, Warlords of Draenor was great until you got to level 100. Then it, well, wasn't. Which is a massive shame as I know you all worked really hard on making that expansion.