Farewell Zyma! Hello Digital Ocean!

Today, after four years of hosting with Zyma I've decided to leave them.

It's not that I didn't want to. Hell, I've been with them four four years and the three times I had to contact their support have all been answered promptly with fixes! My site never -- as far as I could tell -- went down and I was happy paying their however-much-it-was a year to let them do it all for me.

But then I installed Ghost -- a micro-blogging platform -- through their one-click install, Softaculous and the long and relaxing honeymoon period took a sharp nose-dive.

This one-click install process messed with my .htaccess file, and I had just assumed it was part of the process. It wasn't until a few weeks later than I got a phone call from my Mum asking why her business site was down.

After submitting a ticket to Zyma to kindly fix it, they get back to me and say they've disabled the .htaccess file as that was the culprit. Great, I reply! Thanks so much for fixing it.

It wasn't until weeks after that and I decide to type a blog post up that I find out that my own website no longer works.

I submit another ticket and they get back to me saying it's broken and please could they fix it. To which they turn around and say it's because of the previous .htaccess error, that fixing it is beyond the scope of their support, and that I should hire a web developer to fix it.

As a web developer myself, I don't really have the free time to be setting up and maintaining servers...

I can appreciate they're no Rackspace; Zyma's annual charge would likely get me a couple of months of my own Rackspace server at most. But if I'm using a service they provide -- Softaculous -- they should surely support the users, y'know, using it?

If I had somehow SSH'ed in and mucked about with the .htaccess of my own volition then sure, I can fully understand their response. But to dismiss a customer in this manner? It doesn't make any sense.

So, like any good web developer, I threw my toys out the pram. I called them out and said if they don't fix it I'll move elsewhere.

Their response?

"The problem is happening because your primary domain name uses its own .htaccess file whilst your addon domain uses its own .htaccess file. However since addon domains are basically subdomains inside the primary publichtml folder, all .htaccess files outside it will affect your primary domain name."

In short, if I want to use something they offer for a secondary domain name, I have to pay for an additional account because we set up shared hosting in a silly way. How cheeky is that, to ask customers who already pay to pay again?

Literally cannot crash their reasoning behind customer care.

So here we are. On Digital Ocean. I've spun up an instance myself, set everything up myself, and eventually will migrate all my sites away from Zyma.